(Celery) Stalking the New Year’s Resolution

With New Year’s around the corner, I’m stalking a few new resolutions.

I’ve said that I was going to be a healthier, happier person by the end of this year.  I am making it happen.  I’m not stressing *as much* as I used to. Of course, some of that is still present…I get annoyed easily by people who are obsessed with things I am not. I just have to move along and work through it.

Most people post resolutions all over Facebook at this time of year.  I have seen several resolutions about “doing a million push ups”, “working out more than I already do this year”, etc. I shake my head and roll my eyes when I read those statuses. I am totally NOT like that. I promised a couple of dear friends that I absolutely would NOT bore people to death with my weight loss travails, so I plan on  keeping my word. I personally get bored with “I’m working out six times today. I’m working out double that tomorrow.”  I hope I’m not boring people when I mention that I’m out riding my bike (after all, this IS Texas and we have great cycling weather about 360 days of the year!).

My resolution is to make Weight Watchers work for me. I plan on riding my bike more, but only on MY terms, no one else’s. If you tell me I MUST ride, be prepared to see me plant my butt. I resolve to be less stressed, happier (that WILL happen) and in control of that which I can control, which isn’t a whole heck of a lot.  I can control me, myself, and I.  I don’t always do a good job at that, I but I try.



About Marguerite Nico

First degree black belt, mother, stressed individual, Tai Chi student and now add crazy college graduate, Class of 2017
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