Very true, indeed

A good friend posted something on Facebook which had me laughing. It was the “World’s most handsome man” or whatever he’s called saying, “I don’t always go to the gym, but when I do, I post it on Facebook.” I had to completely and totally laugh hysterically at that because I KNOW people like that! They are so completely obsessed by exercise that it’s all they post on their statuses. They appear to spend hours and hours and hours at the gym, working out. I never hear about their kids, nor do I hear about their jobs. It seems like they are in a constant state of denial and only post about working out because that is their only outlet. I promised a few close friends that I would not be that sort of person. If I want to tell you about my kids, I will. If I want you to know I’m working out, I’ll tell you OFF MY STATUS PAGE. I’m not giving people who spend too much time being busy bodies the chance to read my status and then question if I miss posting a day. If I don’t work out one day, that’s my choice, or should be, you know? I refuse to feel guilty about it either.

I am who I am. Presently, I’m a hundred pounds overweight and am working on losing weight *FOR ME.* It’s not for anyone else but me. Therefore, only my blogs (and the more private ones) will be the recipients of my trials of working out.


About Marguerite Nico

First degree black belt, mother, stressed individual, Tai Chi student and now add crazy college graduate, Class of 2017
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