Food Obsession

Why is it that we’re not obsessed with food until we begin a “diet”? Why do we just not care about anything until we decide that we’re going to watch our intake? How many little kids (Pageant kids don’t count–they’ve been ‘broken’ by society’s skewed image of what a girl should do at an early age!)
One of my friends pointed out that food tracking is a job inside a job. She’s right. Thank you, Chele! You’re 100% right about that!! It’s a lot of hard work. When I was actively following Weight Watchers, one of my former co-workers teased me a lot about being obsessed with food. I ate, breathed and slept food. I counted points somewhat religiously. I say somewhat because I ESTIMATED and didn’t add the points correctly. I was somewhat successful…and then I dropped out of WW because of other commitments–martial arts, family, etc.
I never went back to WW meetings. I was actively frustrated by only losing half pounds every week or gaining. I know it’s going to happen, but I got annoyed. I’d like to go back. I think it’s useful, but…I don’t like having to track every single slice of bread, every morsel. They had a saying in the meetings: “BLTs count as well.” A “BLT” is a Bite, a Lick and a Taste. When you’re cooking, do you find yourself BLT’ing? (I do.)

I would seriously like to blame “TOM”, my metabolism or something else for my failings at weight loss. Ultimately, though, the responsibility starts with me. I have to take responsibility for my obsessions. I need to make the journalling second nature so that I can move forward in my journey to be a better person. Once that’s done, I won’t panic as much. It takes 21 days to make a habit. I have to re-learn the habit of journalling so that I can just do it because.


About Marguerite Nico

First degree black belt, mother, stressed individual, Tai Chi student and now add crazy college graduate, Class of 2017
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2 Responses to Food Obsession

  1. GroundCherry says:

    Oh, some of us are born obsessed! The obsessions do differ, though, as mine was (is?) more along the lines of chasing down apples, picking blackberries, and nibbling on herbs from the garden. The question of weight, however, is really imposed by society. Sadly, it’s hitting kids younger and younger these days when they really need to danse, run, and eat their broccoli and carrots.

    The mos successful diets are those that simply shift life perspectives. Pack your lunch. Drink water or black tea/coffe. Have more fruit, less cereal, and eat more vegetables!

  2. Michele Wynn says:

    I had a long talk with our resident dieter in the office yesterday. She was obsessing about eating too much fruit, like that’s a bad thing. Anyway, she proceeded to tell me that she hates when she hits those plateaus which we all have at some point in the diet game. As I discussed more about her issues because she was extremely frustrated, although it had only been 3 weeks for this particular diet, she informed me that she doesn’t own a scale.

    The first thought I had was if you have no unit of measurement how do you know you are hitting a plateau or reaching your goal? I mean she worked herself up in a frenzy yesterday about this or that and I’m sitting there thinking “huh”? She was just at the very tip of the iceberg. Finally she got to looking online about this or that and once I saw that she had calmed down I asked her the very question I was thinking. How do you measure or know you are in a plateau. She said it’s in her mind she just knows it. I thought about that when reading this post. It does seem as though our mind plays these evil tricks on us when we are trying a lifestyle change. It’s not only diet, just try to stick to a financial budget or whatever. It’s crazy. But if we could develop a way to shut off our mind and go forward, we would be more successful in the diet game. I think that’s what you are saying in this post. I had to share that story because I thought it was interesting.

    Thanks for the shout out. No Fritos today.

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