Restrictions and Allowances

When you’re “dieting”, it’s all about decision making. You have to restrict your calories and increase your activity. You’re supposed to be conscious at all times of what you’re doing.
A typical food diary (today’s) for me, looks like this:

2-cinnamon waffles, frozen, toasted
1-tsp LOL butter (Land o’Lakes) (rough approximation of the 1 tsp)
1/3-c SF (sugar free) syrup. (again, approximation)
1-16 oz cup coffee, black

I have more to add to it, but putting it down here, makes me aware of it too.

That’s just a start. If I’m “starved”, then I may eat more. Yesterday, for example, I had a bag of Fritos. Fritos! 160 calories, 10g FAT. Yep, really healthy. I let it slide there too. I had a Kit-Kat bar later in the day. More importantly, I LET myself have the KK bar because if I didn’t, I’d have been obsessed about it all day long. I wasn’t going down that avenue. I didn’t want to fight with myself.
My day was long enough and stressful enough that I didn’t want to go through the self loathing I would have hit if I’d said “NO”. My internal dialogs are all skewed anyway. No sense in doing that. I’m learning the hard way that the ugly internal dialogs aren’t going to get me anywhere.

Over all, I’m fairly certain that I have a long way to go before I can say that I’m a success, but I’m working on it. I’m feeling a lot better about myself these days. I don’t punish myself for things like eating french fries. Instead, I take the bad with the good.

I will make allowances for my eating…If I’m going to splurge, then I need to make sure I incorporate MORE vegetables or fruit into my eating schedule. It’s the only way to make sure I am getting healthier.
I’ve signed up for a “lowfat cooking” class online. I’m going to learn to cook better and use less of the ‘bad’ things (salt, etc). It’ll be a fun 6 weeks.


About Marguerite Nico

First degree black belt, mother, stressed individual, Tai Chi student and now add crazy college graduate, Class of 2017
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One Response to Restrictions and Allowances

  1. Michele Wynn says:

    What I’ve noticed about a lot of diets or weight loss plans is just what you mentioned, tracking each item you eat with the fat grams and etc. That is a job within itself. I imagine at some point it is supposed to be like second nature, but over the years for me, not so much. I don’t know if you feel that same way. There is a person here at work that is dieting, I think actually she’s doing WW, but since she’s started all she talks about if food. Before she didn’t. So like your KK bar, if you weren’t tracking your intake, you wouldn’t think twice about having the candy. Dieting is a job within a job. You know I’m behind you girl. 2 thumbs up!!!

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